BEE Coin Promo Code

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Have you heard about BEE coins before? BEE coin is a new cryptocurrency that is yet to be traded publicly. Right now BEE coin has introduced its official app on Google Play store through which users can mine free BEE coins automatically by clicking a button every 24 hours. Here's the code that you can use to claim 1 free BEE coin (use small letters):

[getcode]amtwrites/Reveal Offer

By using the code above, you will not only earn 1 free BEE coin but also increase the mining power by 0.10 BEE coin per hour. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, start mining right away. Just like Bitcoin, the BEE coin might also appreciate in value over the next few years, take advantage while you can!

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*This post was published on February 19, 2021. The Promo code is/was valid for a limited time period. 

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